“Hey Valerie, that is good to know but some social workers, psychotherapists, or psychologists support sleep training or the cry it out method. How come you disagree with them?” 

The issue here is there is huge variation among professionals, even with the same educational backgrounds because their education includes additional specialities. A good example is that not all clinical child and family therapists are specialized specifically in the area of infant and child mental health, particularly the age group of birth to six years old. It is an age group with unique needs and information. In order to meet these needs, and understand this group, the appropriate, and specialized, knowledge and understanding is required. Unfortunately, when it comes to baby and toddler sleep consulting, even professionals offer sleep consultation without the additional training because they may not have the full understanding of the unique needs of this age group. This is what results in the support for the cry it out method of sleep training.

Now that you are better equipped to make a choice regarding baby and toddler sleep consultation, how can your insurance benefits help you with it? There are many perks when working with a registered professional and this is one of them. Take some time to review what is covered by your insurance benefit in your specific location. You’ll be surprised how much you can take advantage of.

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