Our Specialties

Child Sleep Consultations (Birth to 8 years)

We have the privilege of offering benefit covered baby and child sleep consultations for 0-8 year olds. Our approach is holistic and we offer alternatives to conventional sleep training and Cry It Out methods.

We equip you with the latest in sleep and science, attachment, relational and systems therapy, child development, neuroscience, perinatal mental health and interpersonal neurobiology to help you make informed decisions around your little one’s sleep.

We help you reach the sleep goals you have for your little one WITHOUT relying on separation based tactics that most parents, especially mothers, struggle to endure. We are here to let you know – YOU DON’T HAVE TO SLEEP TRAIN.

We not only have the skills to identify underlying health related causes of sleep disturbances, but we are trained to look for this first, before engaging in any other ways to optimize sleep. 

No amount of behavioural sleep modification is going to address or solve any underlying health or medical issues that may be causing sleep disturbances. 

Raising spicy babies and children

Do you have a baby who just won’t stop crying no matter what you do? You have tried All. The. Things. and nothing seems to help. You might feel hopeless and like you’re failing them. 

Do you have a strong willed or sensitive child who seems to struggle with transitions, sounds, when you say “No.” and has strong emotional outbursts.

Do you feel your baby might be hurting somewhere but no doctor or pediatrician believes you and tells you “it will get better give it time.” Maybe the screaming and crying is still ringing in your ears even though your baby has “outgrown” those cries. 

As social workers, we can help you navigate exactly who can help and how to advocate for yourself and your child to get the right help.

Perinatal Mental Health Therapy (Postpartum Depression, Anxiety etc.)

The first few years after baby is full of change and transitions, but experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression can take all the joy away from those precious early days. You may find yourself more irritable than usual, not feeling joy, struggling to bond with your baby, questioning yourself and your ability to care for your baby. These are common ways moms can sometimes feel postpartum. 

We help support your mental health without asking you to do anything that doesn’t align with your values. We help you connect with other practitioners to support your feeding and sleep goals for your child. 

Individual and Re-Parenting Therapy

Life and transitions can be hard. You may experience increased stress, anxiety or a difficulty getting along with the people who you love the most. Perhaps it’s your relationship with yourself that is causing you the most struggle and stress. Maybe you find yourself screaming at your child or partner but then regret it later. Maybe you feel like you just can’t control yourself. You don’t have to figure it out on your own, we can help!

Couples Therapy

Whether you need help reconnecting or working through a particular parenting conflict – we can help. Maybe you need help with making parenting decisions together. You will never hear “stop co-sleeping if you want a good relationship” – we support your couple relationship without compromising the things you love about having babies and small kids. Maybe the transition to parenthood has been difficult on your relationship and you want to reconnect now that you baby is a toddler or child.

Parenting Support

For babies, toddlers and young children (birth to 12)

You want to do what’s best for your child but you don’t know what else to do to get them to listen. Maybe punishment is the only thing that seems to work in the moment, but you notice more negative behavior later. Maybe you tried gentle parenting but now you regret it because your child’s behaviour is out of hand. We can help you parent within your values while still getting the behaviour you are looking for.

Re-Parenting Psychotherapy

Trying to parent differently than your parents did is not easy, especially once you try it on your own. We can help you develop skills and strategies to be able to parent like the parent you’d like to be instead of reverting to those automatic reactions you are trying to avoid.

Preschoolers and Smooth Transitions

Are you welcoming a new baby soon? Struggling with becoming a mom or parent? Transitioning to daycare? is your JK or SK child struggling with the transition to school? Maybe your family is undergoing a health challenge, high conflict, stress or a big change. We can help you make the transitions smoother, less difficult and more successful for your whole family.