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We help exhausted parents feel more ease, presence and confidence as they navigate the early years of growing a family. We help you to: 

Thriving Family Co.

Your One Stop to any and all services needed in the years of growing your family. We are your baby sleep, perinatal mental health, relationship and parenting experts!

Get help that fits your values.

Work with practitioners that GET IT, are highly trained and who will create a custom plan of action for you and your unique family.

Yes you read that right – No Cookie Cutter approach here.

We help you optimize baby sleep without “Sleep Training” or “Cry It Out” methods. You won’t EVER hear us tell you to sleep train for the sake of your mental health – it’s much more complex than that.

Let us help you to take the overwhelm out of parenting. With so much conflicting information out there – it’s hard to know which choice to make.

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions: 

  • Do I HAVE to sleep train in order to get sleep again?
  • Will I never sleep again if I don’t sleep train or let my baby Cry It Out?
  • Is there a way to get more sleep without resorting to sleep training and Cry It Out methods?
  • What are these sleepy cues everyone keeps talking about, I never seem to catch them?
  • I keep hearing routines are important, when do I start incorporating those? 
  • How do I keep my cool when my child is whining, screaming, throwing things, hitting and more?
  • How come so many other families have babies that sleep well? What did I do wrong?

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Believe me, our team of practitioners gets it – we have asked ourselves these same questions. We were also confused, uncertain, exhausted, irritable and more. We are here as team to ensure that no mother/parent has to navigate these questions and changes alone.

We provide evidence-based, high-quality, personalized support that is designed around the unique struggles of the early parenting journey – You deserve to have this major transition in your life be as stress free and joyful as possible. 

We support your entire family’s mental health – yes, including your baby.

Our Clinic specializes in:

Child Sleep Consultation (birth to 8 years)

We offer benefit covered baby and child (0-8) sleep consultations. Our approach is holistic, based on relationships with your child AND we offer alternatives to sleep training and cry it out methods.

Postpartum depression and anxiety (perinatal mental health)

The first few years after having a baby is full of change and transition, but experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression can be debilitating - You are not alone.

Re-Parenting Psychotherapy

Trying to parent differently than your parents did is not easy, especially once you try it on your own. We can help you develop skills and strategies to be able to parent the way you want to - they way you needed to be parented.

Couples Therapy

Every relationship goes through changes when your family grows. This is normal. You might need help communicating your needs to each other, reconnecting emotionally or working through a particular parenting conflict - we can help.

Individual Psychotherapy

Life and transitions can be hard. You may experience increased stress, anxiety or a difficulty getting along with the people who you love the most. Perhaps it's your relationship with yourself that is causing you the most struggle.

Parenting through connection and without yelling or punishment

For babies, toddlers and young children (birth to 12) You want to do what's best for your child but you don't know what else to do to get them to listen.

Preschoolers and Smooth Transitions

Are you welcoming a new baby soon? Struggling with becoming a mom or parent? Transitioning to daycare? Maybe your family is undergoing a health challenge

Raising spicy babies and children

Do you have a baby who just won't stop crying no matter what you do? Do you have a strong willed toddler or a child who seems to cry about every little thing? Maybe the screaming and crying is still ringing

Hi There, I am Fahreen Jeshani - MSW, RSW

Adult & Family Therapist | Thriving Families Founder & Clinical Director

Fahreen’s passion is supporting parents, especially mothers with the adjustment to motherhood, understanding infant and toddler sleep, postpartum depression and anxiety, reparenting therapy and adult ADHD. If you’re an overwhelmed mama, feeling lost and can’t figure out why things feel so hard – Fahreen is the right therapist for you. She also specializes in working with couples with young children that are finding themselves arguing more, not on the same page regarding parenting and feeling disconnected from each other.

Next let's show how easy it is to do business with you.



Talk about how easy this step is and how to it will benefit them when they do it.



Talk about how easy this step is and how to it will benefit them when they do it.



Talk about how easy this step is and how to it will benefit them when they do it.

Kind words from clients

Imagine being more present and dare we say, able to actually enjoy those precious moments in your child's life as they grow and develop.

In working with one of our team, you will receive personalized support based in:

Becoming parents and growing little humans is not easy – there is no instruction manual that comes along with your baby. The changes are abrupt, from the sleep deprivation, to a messy home, to increased conflict with your partner about the load. There is  so much no one tells you about becoming a mother/parent – most people are so focused on the birth that they have not prepared for what happens when you come home with baby! 

Connect with one of our team to get the support you need to make this transition a little easier.